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NAME: Alice Cullen
FANDOM: Twilight
AGE: Literally, 104. Physically, 19.
GENDER: Female (Vampire)
AU/OU: Original Universe
TIMELINE: Mid-Eclipse


ANY OTHER HISTORY POINTS: Alice was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi, as Mary Alice Brandon. Throughout her short human life she had premonitions and this eventually lead to her being locked in an asylum. She was changed into a vampire via an old vampire who was working in the asylum at the time and had grown fond of her, and to protect her from the tracker James (who ironically, over a hundred years later, she runs into again and he decides to hunt Bella).

Unlike other vampires, she has no memory of being human. Sshe later discovered her forgotten past from Bella, who had been told about it via James. After dong some research, Alice found her grave and realised the date on her tombstone was the same date that she entered the asylum (possibly as a date the family believed her to be dead). She also discovered she had a little sister, who's daughter was still alive.

When she awoke after being changed, Alice was by herself and alone. All she had was her more subtle, calm nature and her premonitions that had advanced into visions of the future, random and usually unconnected. Her visions are as much a hindrance as being a gift, as she finds her family rely too heavily and securely on them and this frustrates her as she knows they are not, and will never be, one hundred percent accurate. It is unclear what she did after she was first changed into a vampire, but sometime in the 50's, Alice met Jasper in a half-empty diner in Philadelphia. As soon as he entered, she jumped down from her seat, telling him she'd been 'waiting for him for a long time'. He, in response, apologised profusely like a soldier would do. Basically, she'd foreseen the pair of them together. After this event, she and Jasper sought out the Cullen family who she'd also seen, and knew that she would one day be a part of their family. Both she and Jasper were welcomed by Carlisle.

She was the first Cullen after Edward to open up and start talking to Bella, which brought out her more human side. During the time when the Cullen's leave Bella for her own benefit, Alice foresees Bella jumping off a cliff and assumes she is trying to commit suicide (though in truth, it was cliff diving). After Edward is informed via Rosalie (and to some extent, Jacob) of the events, he goes to Italy to ask to be killed by the Volturi. Alice accompanies Bella to Italy to stop Edward from killing himself.

PERSONALITY: Alice is a very optimistic and bubbly person. She's always on the go and never particularly acts her age (in the figurative sense or the literal sense). She is usually bright and cheerful and tends to spur Bella on in her endavours. Since she doesn't remember any of her human life, she loves to throw parties and attempt to live any human experience (even if it's through Bella) - though she usually goes fairly overboard (excessively, to be accurate). Edward once asked her how 'something so small could be so annoying'. Despite that, she's usually a kind hearted person. Like the rest of the Cullens, she has a weakness for fast cars. On the flip side, she does have moments where she doubts herself and tends to slip into slumps (usually induced by the fact her family rely far too much on her unpredictable visions). She usually resolves these pretty quickly.

When angry or in an attempt to scare someone, Alice is truly and utterly terrifying. Despite her small, petit, usually harmless look, she looks absolutely menacing and can scare the living daylights out of most people. She hides a much darker core than most people care to think about. Again, despite her fragile look, she is not as weak as she looks. She has astonishing reflexes and usually lulls those against her into a false sense of security.

Despite not being as flamboyant about her relationship as Rosalie is with Emmett, she truly does love Jasper with all her existance. She has officially married him once.

She is, in her world, known as a 'vegetarian' vampire, which basically means that she does not drink human blood, but animal blood. She can eat normal food, but it does nothing for her; she'll be the one sneaking into kitchens and finding carceses, most likely. When she is hungry, her eyes go completely black: on the contrary, when she has been fed, her eyes go a liquid topaz colour.

CHANGE POWER: Alice can see the future. Her premonitions are never absolutely accurate as the future is always changing: she can only see a decision once someone makes it or has been planning it - she can not see 'snap decisions' that had no planning, and some futures never come to pass or are vague. Still, as a whole, Alice can see the future, and has had this power even when she was a human, which was caused her to be locked up in an asalyum, as it was seen that she was mad. This power grew stronger when she was turned into a vampire. If she knows someone (such as, is 'intune' to them), she can see them more clearly. She theorizes that she can see humans as she was one, can see vampires as she is one, and cannot see werewolves as she has never been one. Her ability to see will be somewhat dappened in this world as she is unfamiliar with it.

ANY OTHER ABILITIES: Alice posseses all the usual qualities of vampires: she has superhuman strength despite her small frame, can move faster than the speed of sound and her skin is harder than marble, so her self defense on that front is naturally high. Obviously, it's never been tested against ferrets and myrmidons, so it could prove to be a weakened defense. Oh, and let's not forget her razor sharp teeth.
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