Alice Cullen (keptwaiting) wrote,
Alice Cullen


• Threadhopping with this character in the main community - yes, no, or what? Yes, unless it's private.
• Hugging this character? Probably not the best idea if you want to make Alice find it hard to resist the temptation of biting someone, but she does like hugs, so as long as you give her some warning beforehand, that should be okay.
• Giving this character a kiss? She's married. But that aside... probably not. Ask me beforehand and you shall be told either way, though.
• Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back)? Why would you want to? D: Apart from the fact she can be annoying, but. Sure, she'll easily fight back. You might end up in sick bay afterwards though.
• Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character? She'll probably get slightly upset if you mention Jasper/the Cullens/the fact she can't remember her past, but they're fine to mention.
• Special physical features? Her skin is as hard as, and as cold as, marble, so that will be noticeable. Her skin is also very pale, and overall, her beauty seems to be more or less magnified.

• Is it okay for your character to be injured? Sure, that's fine. Though it would take a lot to injure her.
• Fighting abilities? She mostly fights with the fact she can 'see' her opponents next move, so she'll be more than likely wearing them out, as she can't bite anyone to end a fight. She is extraordinarly fast so that also falls into her advantage.

• Is it okay for your character to be slightly injured? Sure, that's fine, but as said it'll be hard to injure her, though it is possible.
• If yes to the above, is it okay for your character to be critically injured? Not without asking: we'd have to go through how it works beforehand.
• If you don't mind your character being injured in a certain way but would rather they weren't injured in any other way, please state: Anything that isn't critical.

• Anything else: Nothing I can think of.
Tags: *ooc, permissions
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