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vampiric attributes.

Basically, if you haven't read Twilight or know about some of the things to do with Alice, it might be beneficial to read some of this, as it doesn't really fit in the application anywhere.

• Alice doesn't have to breathe. It's only out of habit, generally because not breathing is uncomfortable, and it gives her a sense of smell.

• Alice doesn't have to sleep, either.

• She can run faster than the speed of sound. In fact, she can do just about anything faster than the speed of sound: talking, walking, making things, you name it. Of course, in human company, she'll look normal as she'll slow all her actions down.

• When she's fed, Alice's eyes will be liquid topaz, or butterscotch coloured. When she's hungry, they'll be pitch. Absolutely pitch black.

• Her skin is ice cold. And as hard as marble.

• People usually resemble her to be a harmless, beautiful goddess like pixie from her appearence. As Edward put it, the ultimate predeator - an alluring face and a beautiful voice.

• Her 'scent' is attractive to humans.

• If she did bite anyone, which she probably wouldn't, but if she did, it would be infected with venom. Left underchecked for at least three days, the person would turn into a vampire themselves.

• When she has her visions, she pretty much seems like a person in a trance, and her eyes seemed to gleam over. She often isn't able to function for a time whilst she has them.

• However, if the vision is fairly simple, it seems like a normal lapse in the conversation.

• She won't be able to see anyone in her visions who are not human or vampire. Standard rule of thumb.

• She looks harmless. But she can access, and see, an opponents next move which makes her almost deadly.

This list will be added to as think of stuff. Also, if there are any Twilight readers passing through and remember something I should mention, please reply to this post. Thank you!
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